Automatic Levelling System(ALS)

The main purpose of this system is to prove a stable and leveled bed for heavy equipment where in the center of gravity changes due to motions in the equipment.

Fiber Optics Converter (FOC)

FO system consists of the transmitter and receiver.Both units utilize digital encoding techniques to transmit and receive over a single optical fiber conductor.

Radar Control Panel(RCP)

Radar Control Panel (RCP) is a type of electronic system which is used to controls the Radar power and Transmission precisely.

Radar Mast Controller(RMC)

RMC is a type of electronic system which controls the vertical movements of the Mast.

Door Status Monitor

The Smart Door Status Notifier has electronic units tightly coupled with the door for monitoring the door status.

ACB Trigger

Low-voltage circuit breakers are able to satisfy with high quality, accuracy and reliability.

Hand sanitizer Dispenser

Automatic HSD, which will ensure that we maintain proper hygiene and health in public spaces. Ideal for Factories, Offices, Hospitals, Malls, Railways, Shops, and Homes.

Single Board Controller

HTM is a new technology developed to empower the entire healthcare fraternity.It provides services basic healthcare facilities to the patients.