Product Specifications

  • Input Power: 230V single phase
  • Leveling Accuracy:0.1 degrees
  • Max Leveling Platform Weight:6 Tonnes/Outrigger
  • Motor Type:PMSM motor
  • Motor Power:507 W (4 Motors)
  • Torque:3.62Nm
  • Digital Inputs:16 - isolated
  • Digital Outputs:12 - isolated
  • Operational Modes:Automatic

Product Details

An Automatic Levelling System (ALS) is required in many applications in the Industrial, Defense and Medical Domain. The main purpose of this system is to prove a stable and leveled bed for heavy equipment where in the center of gravity changes due to motions in the equipment. This will enhance the performance/accuracy and reliability of the system. The ALS provides 0.1 degrees accuracy with four outriggers and it can level the platform up to 6 Tonnes per outtrigger. The ALS provides the retract facility which significantly helps in easy installations and transportation of the Platform.

Product Features

  • SAMA provides 3 modes of operations:
    Automatic Mode
    Semi-automatic Mode
    Remote Access Mode (Ethernet)
  • SAMA shall be leveling of up to 20 tonnes of diamond platform accurately with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees.

  • Up to 5 degree leveling error correction with less than 0.1 degree accuracy.

  • Two seven segment display for live inclinometer data and Alerts monitoring.

  • Both fast and accurate automatic electronic levelling.

  • It can be used in all kinds of terrains and weather conditions like desert, snow etc.

  • Continuous Feasibility Check for platform tilt.